'Paint is rarely seen as an object itself. It adheres to what it hides and essentially becomes the hidden object'

This work was inspired by the paint on the ceilings and walls of 77 Mgarr Road Qala. A combination of moisture alteration, sunlight and gravity caused paint to flake and fall. The artist has picked and collected these flakes and merely represented them hovering on pins above the ground where they would have eventually been deposited.

depositum | Edinburgh | 2014

After the work depositum , this installation gets inspired by the flaked paint within the derelict Leith Theatre, shown below. Found flaked paint is collected and represented hovering just above the ground pivoted on pins a marginal fraction away from its immediate surroundings.

depositum | Edinburgh | 2017

Found paint inhabiting the frame. In this case, the consideration in question is, whether the painting or the frame inform the resulting shape of the other. 

photo credits 1,2,10-14 CreateCreate
photo credits 6-9 Niall Stevenson