mimsus - to be touched/contaminated. A work that is less about the visual result, more about a process and its repercussions.

There is a therapeutic element to trace, draw or colour in. Processes that I found alluring during lockdown like many other adults and children.

Having come by this 1800s book with amazing engravings, I was tempted to use it as collage material. However, I deduced that I could do something better than just chopping it to bits. So I decided to let the book dictate what the images would look like. 

It is debatable whether foxed books are likely to contaminate other non-foxed books/paper. Experience has shown me that this is a theory that holds. For this project, by tracing directly from these sheets, I have risked the possibly to contaminate  the paper and drawings themselves. A process achieved through close proximity drawing, while practicing social distancing. 

Foxing - The “contagion” is never further than to its immediate neighbors (acidity migration), because this damage lacks the possibility to move, while microorganisms sort of do, expanding its activity. Besides, foxing “only” takes place where conditions are favorable. However, the pollution transfer due to air may appear as a similar sympthoms as the contagious effect of an infection.

Rita Udina
paper and books conservator and restorer